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Peaks Electric's products are an indispensable part of theincreasingly competitive power switchgear and power fittings market.


In power switchgear, we can display and control the signals and devices of various power switchgear, we can detect data related to power equipment more efficiently, and our technology can accurately respond to various challenges in the surrounding environment. In addition, we are working hard to apply various latest technologies to power switchgear rationally, explore the possibilities of various applications, and promote the ability to update power switchgear. From 1000kV GIS devices to wall panel sockets, from air-insulated to gas-insulated switches, and from circuit breakers to small control boxes, our displays,indicators, controllers, and other products help create the future. We can provide customers with electrical switchgear parts and components'electronic solutions, appearance design, structural design, upgrade manufacturing, plate making and patching, assembly and testing, device procurement, auxiliary material packaging, testing, and certification, and other multiple or single services.


In the power fittings, our innovative flat energy-saving wire clamp and the transformer special wire clamp have comprehensively surpassed the traditional power fittings in terms of material, structure, and performance. The use of new aluminum alloy materials ensures the excellent electrical properties, mechanical properties, and corrosion resistance of the product; The unique structural design improves the versatility and installation convenience of the product; Standardized installation accessories avoid problems such as improper operation in the installation process effectively; The advent of this series of products will greatly improve the safety andreliability of power grid operation, and is the preferred solution to replace traditional power fittings.

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